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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Monday, April 07, 2008

Is It Time?

The Republican party brass seems to have finally found the absolute way to kill Hillary and Obama in one fell swoop. I was made aware of the story this weekend that Condoleezza Rice is strongly considering becoming the VP nominee for the ticket this fall. Get set for a big hoopla if she is ready. All this does is completely split the female vote and also helps drive a huge wedge into the Dem-Black vote. I think they have finally put together a formidable tandem to eliminate the latest Democrat attack on the White House.

This woman has unquestionably been a huge asset to the current administration. She has excellent relationships with many of our foreign allies. She is well spoken, a minority, from the south, and all of those areas play well where John McCain would be percieved as weak. She provides continuity to the current administration as the torch is passed. She also has worked hard to prove that she is capable of the rigors of the office. I also think that she may be a viable candidate to become the first non-white male to sit in the oval office as the office holder. This kinda stirs up the pot a little, doesn't it? Wonder what Oprah will say? How will Maury and Jay take to this? Seems like a wonderful recipe for 8 more years of having a Republican in office. I will stay on this isssue and keep updating.


freedom2learn said...

Sweeet - I almost hate to get my hopes up. It would be facinating to see how that plays out.

I think I have a chill going up my leg.

Bobby T said...

That would be Ed or me breathing hard.

Ed said...

I would welcome the opportunity to vote for a double-minority for high office. Among other things, Condi as VP might cause some blacks to reconsider the GOP as their political home....unless of course the liberal MSM and race-mongers don't portray her as a "house-n*$$@r" the way they did when Bush appointed her NSA.

The predictable accusations of playing the race card will be easily rebuffed because, unlike BHObama, Condi is imminently qualified for the office she seeks.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Rice is very qualified, and she would prove to be helpful where Mccain is lacking, BUT what if Condoleezza brings with her, the bad ramifications of the Bush occupancy of the White House. Since Condi is tied so closely with and President Bush, and since Bush is the root of all evil, even to some conservatives, then could she bring along some cataclysmic baggage?

Black Panther said...

I see her as nothing but a blessing to the Republican cause. She is distant enough from the Bush enigma to claim tacit obedience, yet she is close enough to give a strong shot in the arm for their current candidate. She will invigorate a never had voting base for the republicans (Blacks) as well as give the female voters a reason to actually look at Hillary's qualifications. These reasons give her enough creedance to be pushed hard. Truly, as I look at the long term political landscape, she is a very bright shining star in a turbulent sea of darkness. Years ago I truly felt that I would not live long enough to see a black or a female be in a position to actually win the office. Now I just hope to live about 8 more years to watch her rise to the throne.