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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Thursday, April 17, 2008

I fight authority, authority always wins

Is it just me, or is it infuriating to call a business and have to "discuss" your problem with a talking computer? I feel like a trained monkey(and I don't mean that in any racially insensitive way) having to clearly repeat some menu item so it can route my call to the appropriate support person. Do they think we're stupid? Clearly they do, because you never get routed to an appropriate support person. You get routed to frickin' Bangladesh or some other God-forsaken, third-world malaria factory where the person on the other end barely speaks English....and has attitude.

This morning before leaving home I called my mortgage company to ask a question. After about 5 minutes of trying unsuccessfully to describe my problem to a sickeningly polite, inanimate object, I became so enraged I started yelling my responses into the phone. Of course, my wife was shaking her head like, "yelling at the phone won't help it understand you". I was thinking, "I know, but it makes me feel better and might keep my head from exploding". I finally got the issue resolved but at what cost to my psyche and blood pressure?

I think this mainframe from the seventies is what I was "conversing" with this morning.


Bobby T said...

Nice call there John Cougar!!

David said...

ED! I'm laughing out loud. Thanks man.