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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

No apple for the teacher

In what might be the only public school system in the world more dreadful than the US's, Saudi Arabia forces some of it's teachers to risk their lives daily just to go to work...

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia — Roads in Saudi Arabia are among the most dangerous in the world, with a high rate of traffic accidents. But one type of victim stands out: female teachers, who are dying at alarming rates because of long commutes through the desert to reach schools in remote locations.

The Saudi government appoints teachers to work in small villages where local staff cannot fill all vacancies. But unlike their male counterparts, female teachers in this conservative Muslim country have difficulty living alone in the villages, forcing them to drive each day; they need permission from a male guardian to live alone and have to find a landlord willing to rent them an apartment.

Thanks to the wonderful and benevolent Religion of Peace, they cannot drive themselves to work and they cannot live without patriarchal supervision....not to mention wearing the hideous, black smocks for a 3 hour commute through the desert. It's no wonder these middle-eastern societies haven't progressed much past the 14th century when they still view women as sub-human possessions. Boy, that's some great world religion that Islam.


capt. america said...

Boy, that's some great allied of ours.

Posh Spice said...

You guy keep saying boy. Shouldn't it be girl, or is that taboo tosat as well?

Ed said...

Remember Posh, we're talking about Islam...there are only boys. Girls are disposable....sort of like razors.