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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

TRR opinion poll

In sticking with the theme established by Reid's Olympic torch post below, I thought a poll question would be in order. (And no, I'm not asking whether or not you agree with Anon that Richard Gere is a douchebag.) Vote in the poll and leave a comment as always in the comments thread.

Is it appropriate for supporters of Tibet to obstruct the progression of the Olympic torch in protest of China?
Yes, human rights issues are always worth a little civil disobedience
No, there are other fora in which to address the human rights of Tibetans
Who cares, where's the link to Amanda Beard's FHM spread?
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Joe Camel said...

I vote emphatically for any Amanda Beard post. Especially if you include pictures!!

Joe Camel said...

By the way, if she likes the Olympics then so do I.

Kevin said...

If they want to protest the treatment of the Tibetans, they should go to Tibet and protest. Protesting here in America is stupid and pointless. Tibetans aren't treated unfairly here. Go to China and protest if you have a problem with the way they run things. Thats how it works here in America :/

David said...

Amanda Beard was a great swimmer admired by many to include my daughter. Now she's posing complete with tramp stamp. Next stop: the gutter. Scratch her off the "admired" list.

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