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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Friday, September 14, 2007

Jimmy Carter's legacy of misery continues...

Think I'm just bloviating about Jimmy Carter being the absolute worst, disaster of a President in U.S. history? The ascendancy of Robert Mugabe, by far Africa's most brutal, murdering dictator and best friend of Jimmy, to the presidency of Zimbabwe is the direct result of Carter's nullification of free elections in what was known as Rhodesia. Read this and weep for the victims of Carter's meddling and support of Mugabe...

HARARE, Zimbabwe — Pets are being slaughtered for meat in shortage-stricken Zimbabwe and record numbers of animals have been surrendered to shelters or abandoned by owners no longer able to feed them, according to animal welfare groups.

One animal rights activist, who asked not to be named out of fear of arrest, called the situation "too ghastly for words.

Activists say they have been threatened with arrest for speaking out and SPCA offices were raided by secret police agents of the Central Intelligence Organization on Thursday. SPCA inspectors said they were ordered not to release details of surrendered, abandoned, slain or eaten pets.

In Zimbabwe's economic meltdown, meat, cornmeal, bread and other staples have vanished from shops and stores. A government order to slash prices of all goods and services in June worsened acute food shortages and has left stores virtually empty of basic foodstuffs.

The prices clampdown aimed to tame official inflation of more than 7,600 percent, the highest in the world. Independent estimates put real inflation closer to 25,000 percent and the International Monetary Fund has forecast it reaching 100,000 percent by the end of the year.

Zimbabwe used to be the bread-basket of Africa. It produced so much food that it exported most of it and fed dozens of other poor African nations. Then in 1980, thug, terrorist Robert Mugabe seized control of the country with the help of Jimmy Carter. Mugabe ordered the murder of tens of thousands of rival tribe members, the rapes of thousands of relatives of rival politicians, and the nationalization of all white owned farms(most were white-owned). He then gave the farms to his thug buddies who knew nothing of farming. Predictably, the food supply quickly ran out, and Zimbabwe was plunged into the abyss of starvation, genocide, and despair...all with the help of one man without whom, none of it would have happened....Jimmy Carter the lovable peanut-president.

Thanks to Jimmy Carter, Fido here is now on the menu for starving Zimbabweans.


Ed said...

I put part of that article in bold for a reason, but I didn't want to detract from the point of the post.

It's an economic lesson: when the government sets the price of goods and services at a level below what the market otherwise dictates, there will always be shortages. No matter how high gas prices climb, don't let liberals convince you that it's a good idea to set gas prices. That will result in huge gas shortages and our economy will crash in nightmarish ways...ways that are much worse than that caused by high gas prices.

The free interaction among supply, demand, and price dictactes the most reasonable allocation of resources in order to provide goods and services at the lowest possible price according to the desires of consumers.

I can't think of a single instance in which it's a good idea for the government to meddle in the free market.

I never like to miss an opportunity to extoll the virtues of capitalism and the magic of the free market.

Kevin said...

Very true Ed, supply and demand, not supply and demand with a little help from the government to help those less fortunate. Oh and if Zimbabwe really needs food, and if Jimmy really wants to help that country, I'm sure he would be glad to feed them with his loads of peanuts. If he doesn't, then I guess he was just helping out Mugabe for personal benefit. Hmm, go figure.

ed said...

Jimmy Carter never met a ruthless, blood-thirsty, murdering dictator he didn't love.

Here's the short list of Carter's IM pals around the world...

Omar al-Bashar-Sudan...genocide in Darfur killing at least 2million and counting
Kim Jong-Il-North Korea...Carter's coddling paved the way for his aquisition of nuclear weapons
Hu Jintao-China...his regime has been called the most murdering in human history
Yassir Arafat-Palestinian terroritory...terrorist extraordinaire
Fidel Castro-Cuba...murdering, Communist
Hugo Chavez-Venezuela...recently plunged his prosperous country into depths of socialism and despair, installing himself as president for life, ordering the murder of any who oppose him

Carter was either responsible for certifying their "elections" or he's been to visit them and heeps praise on them for standing up against the U.S.

Jimmy Carter is as embarrassing as he is traitorous.

Kevin said...

How did Jimmy Carter get elected?!?!
I still don't understand that. I've had teachers who just loved him and I never understood that. I had a teacher in high school that said Nixon was the worst President because he was responsible for the communism scare I believe in the early 60's when he worked for the CIA or FBI, can't remember which one. I asked her how that affected his term as president, and she told me that it reflected upon his character. What? that he wanted to rid the country of communists??? So then I suggested Carter as the worst ever and she just looked at me like I was crazy.

ed said...

Ironically, but for Nixon, Carter never would have stood a chance of election. Carter was elected only because of Watergate-fatigue. The same reason Bush was elected after Clinton...Clinton-fatigue.

But the reasons that make Carter a uniquely disastrous president are too numerous to count. Briefly, double-digit inflation and unemployment, high fuel prices and shortages, national malaise, mollycoddling of dictators around the world, the invention of the Misery Index because observers had run out of superlatives bad enough to describe his presidency.

Google, "Jimmy Carter, bad president" or something similar and you'll have all the debate points you need.

Kevin said...

Yeah, well I didn't get a chance to say why I thought he was bad, my teacher decided to move on to another topic, I think it might have dealt with watergate.

ed said...

Teachers, notoriously under-educated and decidedly partisan, tend to think in terms of sound-bites they heard from the main-stream media. Liberals(including the media) hold up Nixon as an example of everything that is wrong with republicans. And teachers are generally liberal because they get their "educations" from liberal institutions whose professors are stridently liberal because...well I don't know why professors are almost always liberal. It's one of the greatest questions of our time. But they are.

Government school teachers don't think, they regurgitate dogma that they are fed by their union masters. Teachers' union bosses funnel big money to democrats in Congress and in return, democrats give the schools more money to pee down the rat's hole of public education and curriculae to indoctrinate children into accepting the ways of socialism...Atlas Shrugged style. That way the democrats know in the long run they are rearing a mind-numbed generation of willing dependents who'll vote for whomever takes care of them best.

Kevin said...

For that reason, I never understood why 1984 was a required reading.

ed said...

1984 is required because it achieved "classic" status long before government schools decended into the abyss of political correctness.

Additionally, I think liberals can read a work like 1984 or Atlas Shrugged and never make the connection that it is an indictment of them. Liberals are totally dilusional about who they are and what they believe. It's why it's almost impossible to argue with them in an honest rational way.