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Monday, September 17, 2007

Fun with the cable company

So this weekend were watching the Auburn game. It is cloudless, windless, and 80degrees when out of the blue, a Hickory tree in our back yard falls over snapping the power, phone, and cable lines. We call all three utilities and only the cable company (Charter) says they'll be right out. Well the power and phone guys show up in like an hour and take care of their business but no word from Charter. After many pointless phone calls by us and unkept promises by them, here it is Monday morning and still no cable. We're supposedly on the list for between 8-10...I won't hold my breath.

Here's what I think is going on: The phone companies are under increased pressure from cell phones to keep business so they maintain good customer service. The power company, though we can't get power anywhere else, for some reason seem to pride themselves on prompt, curteous customer service(they promised us power by 3:30 and at exactly 3:30 the lights came on. We were impressed.) Charter cable, on the other hand, is the absolute worst company in the world. I think they have fired DMV employees working customer service there. You can't get the same answer from any two people, and they refuse to guarantee anything other than, "We'll try to get to you on Monday between 8-5. Make sure somebody's home." They just don't care at all, and seem to be irritated that a customer would call and complain about something. Their On-Demand service blows. Sometimes you can't even order a movie and then when you get one, it frequently stops in the middle and you can't recover it without starting over....then they double-bill you. I've had it up to here(ed holds flat hand up to eye balls) with Charter!

I'm convinced Charter Cable is housed in a facility like this one.


Kevin said...

Unfortunately they can practice crappy business techniques like the ones your describing (unreliability, overcharging, not caring in general) because there are no good cable companies. You want good service, pay an arm and a leg, you want cheap cable, get cheaper service. Im not even going to bother going into satellite dishes.

Glen said...

Why hang on to something as obsolete as a cable phone, Ed?

ed said...

it's not the phone, it's the cable TV that was out. I couldn't care less about the phone. It would be fine with me to get rid of the land line altogether.

But I refuse, for now, to get a dish. It's an admission that I love TV and I'm not ready to admit that just yet.

Kevin said...

Well also dishes are just as unreliable. You can't even watch TV when its raining outside, one of the few times you would want to watch tv.

Bobby T said...

Its now wednesday. Is the cable working, or are you spending the evening with other forms of entertainment? A good book, a play, poetry, conversation? I would have chosen to stay on the phone mindlessly harrassing the cable company jsut to satisfy myself.

ed said...


Yes, it works now. They fixed it during the day on Monday, not that I would have known until I got home...they didn't call or anything.

I read lots of books and my family enjoys sparkling conversation with each other daily. As for poetry and plays? I'll attend the occassional play and I can write limericks and haikus with the best of them.

Bobby T said...

nothing better than a rousing 10-15 haiku session with your wife just before bed. Right on there Plato!!