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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Terror in the skies...save yourselves!!!

I know the media is absolutely freaking out over the B-52 that flew from North Dakota to Louisianna on 30Aug with 5 nukes that were mistakenly put aboard.

The Air Force should be keeping up with it's nukes like my son keeps up with his text messages.

Of course the Air Force really should be keeping tabs on their arsenal of nuclear weapons...we might need them when Iran's Ahma-dinnerjacket needs putting down in a year or two. Seriously though, I used to load weapons on Air Force jets for 16 years and this sort of thing should never have happened. There are so many checks and controls when conventional weapons are being handled. Imagine when they are nukes. I've got a call in to regular reader and occasional contributer "David" who is my good friend from the Air Force. He's still serving so maybe he can shed some light on this matter.

Couple of questions: How, if we're not supposed to be flying nukes in accordance with our treaty with Russia, did a plane with nukes get assigned a flight crew, take fuel, taxi, and take-off without anybody noticing?

The chain of people who handle a B-52 prior to take-off is staggering. How did they all miss the nukes. (In their defense, training munitions look and act like real munitions in every way except for a slightly different color scheme on some parts.)

How did a three-man flight crew miss the fact that those weapons were not training weapons during the pre-flight walk-around?

The Air Force load crews practice loading live nukes every day, however, knowing that it won't be flying, that plane is usually cordoned off somewhere. Not on the flight line with active flyers.

I am really curious to hear the final step-by-step recount of how this happened.


Johnny said...

Let's blame the Clinton era for this too!

Ed said...

As tempting as that is Johnny, there seems to be more than meets the eye here. It took dozens of screw-ups to accomplish this.

I heard from my friend "Dave" who says that the Operations Squadron Commander has already been releived of his command. Dave blames the low standards at public schools and he may have a point.

Kevin said...

I heard something about a chinese hacker that got into a bunch of files in the pentagon computers, and did hear something about a nuclear bomb, this may have been it. Or do you know what that was about?

Ed said...

I think the hacker thing is regarding a Chi-com hacker who made off with a handful of de-classified files and e-mails and such, but nothing damaging or sensitive.

All countries hack each other's defense computers. It's part of the game nowadays. The trick is to let them think they have stolen something useful but is really disinformation, while at the same time, being confident that what you've stolen is reliable and not disinformation from them.

Robert Underwood said...

It seems to me that the solution is simple. Bush has finally gotten fed up with all the liberal schlock spewing out of the cesspool known as Lousianna, so he decided to just eliminate it. %5 nukes could have cleaned up what thousands of years of evolution have managed to corrupt down there. crime is spinning uncontrolably; government corruption is at an all time high with heavy trading; and all the wretched poor are standing waiting on continued handouts. Maybe cleaning up the fallout may have been cheaper.

ed said...

Bob, you're a man after my own heart. Harsh, uncaring, totally lacking in empathy, and viciously honest....yeah that pretty much covers it.

Robert Underwood said...

Thank you for the kudos. Coming from a man that is viewed as the Anti-Christ from the far left I accept your compliment.

Ed said...

And I, yours.