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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Monday, September 17, 2007

Barbarella....still crazy after all these years

Over at Moonbattery they have a piece on Hanoi Jane Fonda that's pretty funny. Here's the gist of it...

Not being satisfied with committing treason during Vietnam, Hanoi Jane Fonda made the farcically comical, hysteria movie called The China Syndrome. It basically tricked a gullible America into believing that nuclear energy was bad and would be the death of us all. As a direct result of that movie and her wild-eyed support of the anti-nuke movement, the nuclear industry basically gave up and has not built another plant to this day. The effects of that are extraordinarily high gas and heating oil prices and untold amounts of CO2 in the atmosphere that but for Jane, would not be there. (Of course I couldn't care less about atmospheric CO2 as I don't buy into the absurd global warming fantasy. But if you do, then Jane should be public enemy #1) If the nuclear industry had proceded as normal, the U.S. would be consuming far, far less petroleum products and relying on clean, renewable nuclear power instead. That would mean lower prices for gasoline and heating oil because demand would be lower, and much less pollution because nuclear power generates no CO2.

But you won't hear a peep from the unsufferable Al Gore, the other Hollywood nitwits, or the complicit main stream media, because she's driving around in her stupid, politically correct bio-deisel bus telling all us little people how to live our lives as if it were the 17th century.

Hanoi Jane Fonda is criminally wrong on many levels. She's a traitor to her country, a liar to the American people, and the cause of countless tons of pollution. Tell me again why she still gets attentiion?


Kevin said...

Why on earth would people believe what she has to say about nuclear energy? Celebrities know absolutely nothing about nuclear energy, if they did, they wouldnt be celebrities, they would be scientists, and not celebrities. Why do people listen to those who are less informed on topics such as this. LISTEN TO THE FACTS! I swear people in this country are so stupid sometimes.

Ed said...

Embarssingly, Americans are moronic, idolators when it comes to celebrity worshop. We will do or say anything if it makes us believe the air-headed celebrity would approve and think of us as cool. And like all liberals, self-righteous celebrities think they know how the world should be and how the little people should live our lives, and we are all too willing to let them tell us, hanging on every word like manna from heaven.

It's pathetic!!!