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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Michigan's Buckner moment

Here are my favorite lines from Jim Rome's show making fun of Michigan losing to App. State...

-Dear Jim, how do we go about signing Michigan for next year? Signed...DeVry Institute.

-Dear Jim, if I wasn't dead already, this would have done it. Signed...Bo Shembeckler.

-Dear Jim, undefeated lives here! Signed...Boone, North Carolina.

-Dear Jim, I am not interested in the Michigan job. Signed...Nick Saban.

-Dear Jim, tell everybody to stay off Lloyd Carr's back and stop calling for him to be fired. Let the man coach. Signed...Ohio State fans, players, and alums.

The ridicule and piling on just keeps going and going. I'm telling you, this will haunt anybody associated with the '07 Wolverine team for the rest of their lives.


Kevin said...

The Big Televen should now be called the Big Ten and a Half. Michigan couldn't beat a high school time last weekend.

Joe Camel said...

Back in the day of ABC's college football, whenw e had 1 game for sure, maybe on a big day a double header, Michigan was a top draw. You had to choose b/w Michigan and Ohio State; Nebraska or Oklahoma; Texas or Arkansas; USC or UCLA. Then Notre Dame hooked up with NBC, cable came out and now a viewer can watch about 10-12 games per Saturday without any pay-per-view options.
This has lead to a huge support slide for the Wolverines. Losing to Appalacian State is humiliating enough for the Wolverine community, but to have it televised in the Midwest makes it worse. ESPN has laughed each and every time they rerun the replay of the highlights. Michigan used to be a top program, but is now a 4 year break for a seemingly large number of thugs and goons. I for one hope this trend continues and would enjoy seeing the over-rated Woverines go 0-2 this Saturday.
Parity is setting in, in college football. On a given day anybody can lose to anybody. Schemes and breaks are more important, because talent is spreading out. Kids used to go to the big schools out of devotion and loyalty. Now, all these kids want to play "early" and will sign where that is the soonest. Transfers are up by record numbers. This trend indicates that playing early happens, but s does somebody coming in better than you are, and losing your starting spot to them. It is a sad state of affairs. Whats next - paying athletes to play? Gifts? $100 handshakes? Free cars? etc? Oh my bad those have already been tried and are in place. Maybe its drugs for the kid sister. A get out of jail card for the "homeboy". Who knows, maybe it will just be acceptable to be arrested and then still be allowed to play (Alabama). Where is this athletic thing going? By the way-

Kevin said...

That and the ranking system does not work, at all. How many times will the BCS get it wrong before it gets changed. The pre-season rankings are never anywhere near their marks, and they are all based on potential, which as we saw last weekend does not mean a thing. And lastly, the Heisman. It has become something different from what it was long ago. It used to be won by the best player in the NCAA. The player that stood out amongst all of the other players. And way back then, the Heisman was usually a good NFL player. Now you got the Heisman being the best player on the number one ranked team at the end of the season, TROY SMITH: 4th round pick in the NFL, instead of giving the player with the best marks the trophy. NCAA football is getting so screwed up by the AP voters and the BCS. Do away with both! the only people who know these teams are the coaches, let them decide.