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Monday, September 24, 2007

The Snake is in The HenHouse.............by Reid

Today our country took another dreadful step towards seeing its own demise. Columbia University allowed a 2-bit dictator to stand and spew forth a venom that is completely and diametrically opposite to any type of freedom or democracy espoused by this country. This man has utilized military weapons to kill our soldiers, he has and is harboring terrorist cells, and is a voice stirring up anti-American sentiment around the world. Many arguments can be made, but in a nutshell, "Abu Johnny" should have not been allowed to speak ( except at his U.N. designated speech tomorrow).
I am all for Freedom of Speech. I state that, because many are arguing that this is his right. WRONG!! He is not guaranteed any of the freedoms that Americans have. He is a thug and a leader of a tyrannical nation hell-bent on destroying this country. He deserves and should receive nothing; no Press coverage period. Mahmoud has chosen not to answer questions posed at him, foregoing those answers to post his own agenda. This should not happen. How do we think parents of soldiers killed in Iran feel at the "red carpet" treatment given to AJ.
Some will argue that free discourse of thought is the reason for his speaking engagement. Again, nice try, but wrong. For free discourse to take place, thoughts must be exchanged. Allowing the man to not answer a question but to attack our ideals and principles on our soil is again not as it was intended. I have heard that many Columbia alumni are withdrawing university financial support. Good. Maybe they can eliminate the university president as well. How can the parents of students in this school truthfully feel good about their children's welfare as this idiot brings in speakers like this. Might as well get Charles Manson to come on a recruiting trip soon.
Lastly, an argument can be made that it was solely for educational purposes. Once again, this is a poorly veiled argument. Abu-Johnny was coming to the U.N. he also came for the chance to attract attention as he was given access to some of the brightest young minds in the college world today. Lets just give him the key to the pantry as well. We can then try to figure out where our food is when he's gone.
We are spiralling downward in a rapid pace. The morals have decayed badly, our society stands by and watches and does nothing. We allow all that our forefathers believed in to be trampled. We cannot even agree to uphold principles found within our constitution and the statement of declaring our own countries independence. It seems odd that men seeking to protect freedom now reside in other countries. Woe to us as we stand idly by and watch our own demise. Lets stop the slide now, 1 voice at a time.


Kevin said...

What could he possibly have to say to Americans that has a positive effect on the young minds of our universities. If he isn't answering any questions, then he is giving a speech on his beliefs, and is here to convince people he isn't what he is. The fact that a credited university lets someone like this speak to their students is outrageous. He shouldn't have even been allowed into this country. The only reason he was given sanction to speak was because we as a nation are afraid of him and what he is capable of, which is pathetic because we are capable of much more, we are just too nice to take matters into our own hands.

Anonymous said...

reid and kevin, if you will look at the transcript of what took place today, you will see that the president of Columbia ridiculed Ahmadinijad in his introduction, and the student all laughed at some of his more ridiculous statements, such as "we have no homosexuals in Iran".

while one could argue validly, that he should never have been given the stage in the first place, one could also argue that to let a nut like this speak publically only shows everybody what a dilusional madman he really is.

i would argue that it is now much more difficult for the doves in this country to argue convincingly against a pre-emptive strike than it was before he spoke. The more he shows himself to be crazy, the less likely it is that he'll be allowed to develop nuclear weapons without being punished.

if you give a dog a long enough leash, he'll eventually wrap it around his own neck.

Kevin said...

if you give a dog a long enough leash, he'll eventually wrap it around his own neck.

But until he does, he will have his hands in much more than he should, and will be able to do alot more damage than he could before.

Anonymous said...

perhaps, but the cost of restricting his speech is precisely what we want to avoid in this country. I realize that since he is not a citizen, he doesn't necessarily have free speech rights, but under what law would we not allow him to speak at whatever venue invited him? He's a head of state and a member of the U.N. He's got to stay within 25miles of the U.N. unless given special permission, otherwise he can do what he wants. We are not at war with Iran just yet.

The cost should not be by government edict but by the students, alumni, and citizens of New York through their support of the school. Columbia will get the message if the right financial pressures are brought to bear by those people, and not the government.

Kevin said...

The fact that he directly supports terrorism, and funds it! The fact that it is his money funding the rebels in Iraq who are killing our soldiers. I don't care if he is a U.N. member, he should not be allowed to speak to the young men and women of our society. Nothing he has to say will be for the good of our minds.

Reid said...

Anon: I was out of pocket all yesterday, so I can just now respond to your query. The spineless president of Columbia, the man that still supports keeping ROTC off this campus, was beseiged with complaints and funding reduction/elimination if something were not done. So instead of standing up for his warped beliefs (while I think thei are wrong, I could have at least respected his defendinghis postion) he caved in and opened with the questions and comments you heard. Columbia was a university of acedemic acclaim. Now it is an extremely expensive joke. The donors and alumni are starting to react appropriately and the tide will soon turn.
I do agree that the speech will keep the focus on the Middle East for some time now. He is a potential threat,in a nuclear way, and as stated in his U.N. speech, will not allow anything to stop Iran's quest for nuclear power. He hates everything we stand for, and as much orated that he will fight if need be to claim and keep Iran free. I was just trying to figure out when they became free in the first place. This whacko-nutjob needs to be dealt with quickly and quietly. I am in favor of an all out militray attack on his country if 1 more Iranian made missile is launced at our troops. Take him out and there is 1 less US hating infidel leader in this world. It might also impress on the other idiotic leaders out there that we will take care of business.
If the U.N. invites him to speak, fine let him talk there and let him stay within the confined area. No more no less. By the way, if Iran happened to shoot a missile at the U.N.......? well thats a thought for another day isn't it.

Anonymous said...

he will not shoot a missile at the UN because they are on his side against the US. they always have been.

like ed always says, they are a collection of thugs and despots who enjoy the trappings of manhattan life, care of the US taxpayer, that is when they aren't at the podium bashing the US.

Joe Camel said...

CIA operatives in a deep cover covert field assignment to steal an Iranian missile and shoot it at the U.N. Sounds like a great movie to me. Maybe I read too many spy novels. Regardless, it is high time to get the U.N. on French soil where it belongs.