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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

"The View" Must go Unseen

The View has its new "controversial" voice now as Whoopi Goldberg took the stage and screen yesterday. She wasted no time in stepping in a pile of manure as she vehemently defended Michael Vick. I will paraphrase some comments. "He is from the south where dog fighting is okay. Its like cock fighting in Puerto Rico". "He was shocked to find that this was not acceptable in other parts of the country". HORSE HOCKEY MS. GOLDBERG !!!
I live in the deep south and have never thought that dog or cock fighting was acceptable. Does it go on, yes, but it still is not an good way to spend ones leisure hours. Vick is from Virginia , ma'am. That is obviously not the same south that I live in, if dog fighting is okay there. Please take your liberal and racist defense of this man and go away quickly and quietly. This country does not need you doing any further damage than you have already done. How can you morally and righteously defend these actions? I guess it stems from your gutter mind, wayward lifestyle and your lack of character. If Michael Vick needing defending, then those who make money off of his football talents would have led the charge. The are noticeably silent as we speak. All have said what he did was wrong and have shown him no support at all. Actually many of his life support lines have been severed to distance him from what normal society views as acceptable. Where do you get off with your pious attitude and your moral outrage at this despicable act? Please go away. Go quickly and quietly into the night and slink back to whatever rock you crawled out from under. Years ago you were funny. Now you seem pathetic and in need of an attention fix.
Michael Vick supported a horrible industry, He was caught and will face the music for his behavior. He made a horrible mistake, unfortunately his poor judgement has and will cost him huge sums financially. Too bad. Time to move on. I just hope that NBC will rethink their position on this show and let it die - and die quickly.


billb said...

Reid, while it is shocking to hear about dog fighting and I abhor the thought of it, Whoopie has a point. When you grow up in neighborhoods, as Vick did, in which there is no value placed on human life, how can he be expected to have empathy for dogs that were meant to fight, especially when apparently fighting is fairly common? Yes, he should be punished, but for the interstate gambling and RICOH laws he broke, not necessarily for the dog fighting. That's a minor crime in the eyes of the law.

Whoopie is just playing her designated role as race-defender, much like black leaders did during the OJ trial. And, she's getting viewers back to the show. Personally, I think she's far less objectionable than Rosie was.

You have to keep the emotional, knee-jerk, dog-lover reaction out of it. Put it in context. Kobe possibly raping somebody didn't create as much outrage. The real crime here is the illegal gambling operation.

Farmer said...

"Personally, I think she's far less objectionable than Rosie was."

How about your own objectivity, billb - what do you personally (...) think about that?

billb said...

That's what "personally" means, farmer idiot. When you preface a statement with "personally", it notifies any observers that you are no longer being objective, but subjective.

You are putting objective analysis aside for a second to inject a personal opinion. The problem comes when "observers" masquerade opinion as analysis. I did not do that.

Reid said...

As I read the comments above, I was reminded that if we expect nothing of someone, then we shall get exactly that - nothing.
I cannot fathom that Michael Vick was raised with no value for human life. Even so, one must look at all the opportunities that his athletic prowess has afforded him and reason that something good somewhere rubbed off. So far as I know it he hasn't killed anyone. The logic is that all people raised on poverty will be poor is wrong. I may be a difficult hurdle to overcome, but I think a shining example is Booker T. Washington. A poor man that went on to do great things and made a pot full of moolah. Furthermore, it seems veryy easy to typecast Vick as a victim of societal woes, when the truth is simple. Vick is a thug. He participated in gambling (illegal); violated interstate commerce laws( again illegal and this inclues the tax issues as well); cruelty to animals, on and on. He is a pathetic example of how a young millionaire and teenage role model should behave. He opted to pursue this nefarious activity, and chose his friends similarly. No one has come to his aid, no one has said he was innocent or made a mistake. All comments made about him or his character, from those that know him best, have said that he was stupid to do this. When one willingly skips down the dark path, well... you know the rest. Good riddance to Vick. As for the Whoopster, playing her role as a race defender - why is that needed? I don't ever remeber anyone defending any white criminals just because they were white. Crime and its defense should not be about color, but about right and wrong. Unfortunately, it seems that this point is missed and/or overlooked by Whoopi. I think you are right billb. Ms. Goldberg feels that MV is being unjustly treated because of his race, not because he participated in illegal and inhumane activities. She needs to get rid of her "blackness" knee jerk reaction and look at the reasons for this outrage against Vick. Maybe if she takes off her rose colored glasses she can actually determine right from wrong.

David said...

Ted Danson what were you thinking?!

ed said...

Yeah, I never got that whole thing either. Maybe their common addiction to nicotine was a bonding point.

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k-federbag said...