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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Publicity hogs?

Is it just me or are you as tired of hearing from the Goldman family as I am? When was the last time you saw a grieving family keep themselves in the spotlight for over 10 years since their particular tragedy? The four 9/11 widows from Jersey tried but only made it like 5 years. It was less than a day after OJ's arrest in Vegas that Fred Goldman was crybabying on TV about sueing to get all of OJ's memorabilia so he can sell it to get some more money, and he went on Oprah the other day do hawk If I Did It, OJ's hypothetical narrative.

LOS ANGELES (AP) - If the Goldman family has its way, it may soon own the sports memorabilia that O.J. Simpson is accused of committing armed robbery to recover for himself. The family plans to file a request in Superior Court today to obtain ownership of the memorabilia seized.
Since winning a multimillion-dollar settlement against Simpson in Ron Goldman's death, the family has waged a decade-long campaign to track down and claim Simpson's assets.

They are giving off a publicity-hog kind of a vibe to me. I don't think it's about avenging Ron's death any more as much as it is about staying in the media spotlight, getting interviewed by Greta every other week, and parlaying every aspect of Ron's death into as much money as possible while they're at it.

Was Nicole enjoying an expensive condo, nice car, and extravagant life style paid for by OJ? Yes.
Was OJ understandably enraged by her fooling around with the cheesey waiter Ron Goldman while he paid for it? Probably.
Did Ron and Nicole deserve to get hacked to death? No.
Did the Goldman's and Brown's deserve some of OJ's wealth? Certainly.
Is Fred Goldman enjoying his fifteen minutes of fame just a little too much? Count on it.


David said...

Circumspect reader, David, say these are dumb people indeed.

Kevin said...

I think suing people for emotional damages was probably the worst thing to ever be thought of. It has done way more harm than good, and people who aren't emotionally damaged are profiting way to much off of it.