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Friday, September 21, 2007

Bad news for world's eco-freaks

The whole ridiculous argument by environmental radicals that global warming is destroying the precious rain forests seems to be in jeopardy this morning...

Climate change may lead to lush growth rather than catastrophic tree loss in the Amazonian forests, researchers from the US and Brazil have found. A study, in the journal Science, found that reduced rainfall had led to greener forests, possibly because sunlight levels are higher when there are fewer rainclouds.

Al Gore and his idolatrous, Gaia-worshiping, eco-drones can't have it both ways. Either climate change is good, or it's bad. Either it helps the rain forests or it hurts the rain forests. Which is it? There is another possibility, maybe climate change is neither. Maybe it's just the normal part of the Earth's climate cycle. But you'll never hear them consider that possibility because doing so would eliminate the basis upon which their plans to cripple the the U.S. economy lie.

You want to know the real threat to the rain forests? Ethanol fuel. That's right. Mindless politicians from both parties are jumping on the politically popular, but economically disastrous, ethanol craze. As a result, corn futures have sky-rocketed in anticipation of higher demand. Consequently, farmers around the world are abandoning crops like soy bean, wheat, and other food crops in order to plant the more lucrative crop, corn. Farmers in South America are razing Amazonian rain forests at a record pace to create farm land for corn.

The worst thing is that ethanol is a horribly inefficient fuel, and nobody wants it. Politicians are forcing it down our throats to appease people like Al Gore and his brain-dead followers.


Kevin said...

You know since they started recording the temperature annually, they keep finding that the recent years have been the hottest. Even if that were correct, they still have know way of knowing what the hottest years ever were. The planet has been through climate changes before, and its only natural for that to happen again, and the sooner we come to grasps with that idea, the sooner we will get over the environment and start living out our lives. Either we will destroy the planet, or the planet will destroy the planet, either way, its inevitable and the earth will get through it. Has anyone thought of the possibility that maybe by trying to protect the world we are doing more harm than good?

ed said...

Actually, an amateur Canadian climatologist re-calculated the math with which they determined that 2003 was the hottest year ever. It turned out that they had done the math wrong and the hottest years were during the depression/dustbowl...20's and 30's.

Additionally, the official temperature monitoring stations are, and I'm not making this up, in asphalt parking lots, on top of tar-roofed buildings, and near places where cars and trucks regularly put out hot exhaust. Al Gore complains about hundredths of degrees differences when he talks about climate change. Don't you think a parking lot or tar roof would be a few hundredths of a degree hotter than maybe a field or meadow?

So there goes the whole catastrophic global warming, ocean-rise, we're-all-gonna-die myth right down the toilet.

Kevin said...

Haha its funny that you say that because right after I read this I looked up those temperature stations and found the same thing. Even better, a 15 year old girl did a project on global warming and proved it to be a hoax. I think her name was Katherine Byrch, or something like that. But anyways, yes thats why I included the phrase, even if that were correct.