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Friday, September 28, 2007

The criminalization of thought

You are not going to believe this next story. It epitomizes the awfulness of hate-crime legislation...

Police are considering charging a 10-year-old boy with a race hate crime after he was beaten by a Slovakian woman with an iron bar.

Jake Stedman needed hospital treatment after the attack in Chatham on Friday, when he was allegedly beaten around the head and neck after being chased down an alley, and was left with two black eyes.

But police are now looking into claims from the 35-year-old woman who allegedly attacked him and who is currently on police bail, that he made racist remarks by telling her “to go back to her own country”.

Since when is a Slovak considered a minority such that they enjoy special protected class? I thought that was reserved only for Muslims. Furthermore, since when do the cops arrest 10 year olds for name-calling? I guess since the kooky, PC, gang took control of the U.K. What a disaster of a catastrophe of a calamity of a country our motherland has turned out to be!


Kevin said...

Shes an adult, if I were a judge I would sentence her to a lifetime of misery in a federal prison for not controlling her anger after a boy calls her a few names. HAHA How are they seriously going to arrest a 10 year old for this?!?!

ed said...

I know this story reads like the set-up for a joke, but they seriously are considering charging him with a race-based hate crime....unbelievable!

freedom2learn said...
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freedom2learn said...

I guess we shouldn't be surprised in an era when words like "natural family" and "traditional values" are considered hate speech by some.

On the racial side - the thing I love is how acceptable it is for everyone and anyone to hate your average white American. I was raised to be tolerant and open-minded only to grow up and realize how hated I am just because I'm white, Christian, or American. I feel like I've been duped.

Ed said...


In a perverse way, white American Christians represent a giant minority in this country. We are the only group toward whom ridicule, scorn, resentment, and hatred is perfectly normal and expected.

The question I like to ask is what would all those envious, resentful, numerical minorities do when the white American Christians weren't around to provide them with fabulous cash and prizes?