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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Third strike?

Just when you thought Michael Vick couldn't do anything more stupid to destroy his career, there's this...

The disgraced Atlanta Falcons quarterback tested positive for marijuana earlier this month, a violation of the conditions of his release as he awaits sentencing in federal court on a dogfighting charge that already jeopardizes his freedom and career.

His first strike was not winning enough and being unable or unwilling to adapt to a different style of offense. His second strike, obviously was the dog fighting and gambling thing. Even at that point, if he showed contrition and jumped through the requisite hoops, the fans would welcome him back with open arms. But to get high knowing that you will get busted, since sobriety is a condition of bail I believe.

Man what an idiot. He just lost whatever chances he had of a comeback in my opinion.


joe camel said...

I am hoping that this will be the last post written on this scum. He deserves all that is coming his way, and then some. To flounder away his talent, to invest and profit for dog fighting, and now to get caught with some good ole "Mary Jane", well I say good ridance. Lets see how well #7 does in the pokey,trying to avoid becoming somebody's girlfriend. I hope the training he has had will help him in the "big house". I think this man is in for a long time. Good-bye Mikey.

Kevin said...

This is strike four Ed. Remember the water bottle?