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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Clinton spin machine

Just in case you've managed to wash out the foul taste of the Clinton years, here's a little tidbit to remind you of what we put up with for 8 years and will for 8 more if Hillary gets elected queen...

Early this summer, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign for president learned that the men’s magazine GQ was working on a story the campaign was sure to hate: an account of infighting in Hillaryland.

So Clinton’s aides pulled a page from the book of Hollywood publicists and offered GQ a stark choice: Kill the piece, or lose access to planned celebrity coverboy Bill Clinton.

That's right. Eight more years of media bowing to threats from the Clinton machine, over-the-top favorable coverage, and fawning, worshipful reports on TV. Just sitting here thinking about it made me vomit a little bit in my mouth.


Kevin said...

When are these people going to be assassinated?

Reid said...

There really is a much bigger problem here. Why would GQ choose Bill Clinton for anything. Last time I checked ther are undreds of decent moral men, or hundreds of beautiful women to don their covers, without having to stoop to the gutter and recycle an amoral ex-politician. I say print the article about Hillary and start the unravelling of her campaign.

Kevin said...

yeah there really isn't anything she can do about it anyway, they have the right to print almost anything they want. Next thing you know she is going to try and change the constitution and revoke their rights, which I'm not sure is within her power.

ed said...

She doesn't have any legal right as POTUS to stifle anybody's speech. But as a private citizen and candidate she has the right to withold access to her husband Bill for interview purposes. She's exerting the pressure of economics and GQ has no journalistic obligation to run the story. They exist for one reason only...to make a profit for their stockholders. Bill Clinton is a huge seller as a mag cover boy so it was just an economic decision, not a political or philosophical one.

A bird-cage liner, on the other hand, is journalistically obligated to print stories regardless of pressure from the subject. Otherwise they can be accussed of choosing sides...observe the dramatic tailspin the NYTimes subscribership is in since they chose sides.