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Friday, September 14, 2007

Those pesky, pot-stirring Russians

These recent developments should be of particular interest to circumspect reader, military man, and emissary-of-goodwill to a former Soviet bloc country, David...

Norwegian and British fighter jets were scrambled to intercept Russian bombers over the north Atlantic, the latest in a series of such incidents, Norway's military command said Friday.
Two Russian Tupolev-160 bombers or "Blackjacks" were detected by the NATO allies flying along the Norwegian coast before passing by northern Scotland, a military spokesman told AFP.

"We dispatched two F-16s from Bodoe airbase (in the north of Norway) to identify them," Lieutenant-Colonel Jon Inge Oegland said, adding that Britain had also sent aircraft.

"It conforms with the declarations of (Russian) president (Vladmir) Putin and we are expecting more such flights in the future."

While I'm not opposed to another Cold War(A cold war every now and then keeps our military/industrial complex sharp), we really should ask the Russians to wait until we're finished in Iraq before they start flying around provoking sovereign nations and generally scaring the crap out of everybody. And frankly, we can't afford a massive military build up right now. They should give us like two years to extricate ourselves from Iraq and then assuming we're not kicking the crap out of Iran too by then, we'll be glad to mix it up again with our old foes the Ruskies.


Kevin said...

And I thought chivalry was dead Ed. I wouldn't mind a cold war with Russia. Its what could give me a job in the future. Say, whatever happened to good old fashioned run at each other across a field with swords and spears and slash the crap out of each, this bombing stuff seems to get way too many people involved, namely innocent civilians (LIKE ME!!!). Ancient times were so much better.

Capt. America said...

I'm not sure Eastern-Europe would agree with you.

Kevin said...

True, true.

Kevin said...

Hey what kind of airplanes are those in the picture?

david said...

The big one is a Tupelov (TU-95) Bear and the small one appears to be some variant of the F-16. The canards are a mystery.