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Friday, September 21, 2007

It's Friday!

Ok kids, it's Friday, you know the drill. I or Reid may post something interesting over the weekend but until then, consider this an open thread and discuss anything you like. I'll get things started with a topic: OJ:

-Will he be convicted?
-Will he get off?
-Will he skip bail?
-What will his punishment be if convicted?
-Will Fred Goldman get to OJ's hidden offshore accounts?
-Does anybody care at this point?


Anonymous said...

yes, no, no, 6 years, no, not really.

not a bad weekend topic though

David said...

Don't care as I do not trust justice will be served. I am jaded by the precendent set ten years ago.

Hertz ought to bring him back as a spokeperson. The controversy might bolster sales! I can see it now: Go O.J! He could run through the airport wearing an ill-fitting glove dodging effigies of justice, truth, and the stupid jury.

ed said...

Or have him run through the airport fleeing the police and bounty hunters since he'll probably jump bail. Then have him make his get-away in a Hertz rental showing that at Hertz, checkout is fast enough to evade the law. That would get my vote as the best ad of the year.

New Hertz motto: Hertz: fast enough to evade the law

Kevin said...

Yes, no but some of his inmates will, no, he has to be someones girlfriend in prison, probably not, no.
Another question: What crime will O.J. commit next?

Anonymous said...

speeding--85 in a 55.