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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

You're fired!

Heh heh, dumb ass union drones who used to work as bakers for Hostess are without jobs this morning after their overpaid union reps failed to negotiate a labor agreement in mediation.

Gregory Rayburn will go to bankruptcy court today to begin the asset liquidation process and 18,500 employees have to explain to their families over Thanksgiving dinner why taking an 8% pay cut was worse than unemployment. Good luck getting the wife to buy your lame, union-based explanation as you shop for Christmas toys for your kids with money you don't have.

Labor unions....nothing but bad.


david said...

As you no I'm no union advocate and it's fun to blame this on the unions but in the end this story would have been different with management competence and leadership.

I will not miss any of the products they produced.

Ed said...

Oh clearly you are right David. Gregory Rayburn cannot blame all his woes on the union....he's in bankruptcy for the second time. Mismanagement is to blame at the end of the day, but part of that mismanagement is allowing unions to force him to hire hundreds of workers he didn't need and pay them far above the market rate for that labor.

I don't have any sympathy for Rayburn, I was just pointing out the contributory responsibility that the unions bear regarding this company's demise.