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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Friday, November 30, 2012

While America sinks, Obama spends $4M of our money in Hawaii

If I could take a 20-day vacation somewhere, I'd like to go to Hawaii. And especially if the whole thing was better than 5-star quality and other people were paying for it all.

Well, as the nation struggles with unemployment, inflation, punitive taxation, looming budget cuts, and economic disaster right around the corner, our President and his entitled, big-spending wife will enjoy a 20-day Hawaiian vacation, entirely at taxpayer expense. While most Americans struggle to decide whether to buy their kids toys for Christmas or re-stock the pantry, the Obama's will live like kings for three weeks by extorting $4,000,000 from taxpayers to pay for it.

So the rest of us can enjoy their tropical odyssey vicariously as we dial our thermostats down a little more to save money, the entire white house press corps are being generously housed at a nearby $290/night hotel. But hey, Obama won the election and as the king of America, he and his fabulous fam deserve to live it up at our expense, right?

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