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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Republicans are already jockeying for donor money for 2016

I know you're tired of presidential politics and worrying about how much money the government will take away from you to pay for Obama's treasonous deficit spending is a full-time job, but the republican party is at a major crossroads. They need to decide the direction of the party and what it stands for going forward or they may never win another national election. Here are the early players, both obvious and less obvious:

The obvious big three are Marco Rubio(Florida Senator), Bobby Jindal (Gov. Louisiana), and Paul Ryan (congressman from Wisconsin).

Those are the obvious players and all three are already getting organized and lining up donor support, but there are other less obvious possible candidates:

Rand Paul(R-Texas) will stake out the libertarian end of the GOP and probably inherit his father's loyalists.

Chris Christie(Gov.-N.J.) could make the argument that he can work with democrats.

Rick Perry(Gov.-Texas) and Jeb Bush(Former Gov. R-Florida) are names that always come up.
Add these long-shots to the list.....Michelle Bachmann(R-Minnesota), Mike Pence(Gov.-Indiana), Scott Walker(Gov.-Wis), Condi Rice, Kelly Ayotte(Sen.-NH), Susan Martinez(Gov.-N.M.), Brian Sandoval(Gov.-Nevada), and South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley.

That's quite a crop of presidential hopefuls. But I think Marco Rubio and Bobby Jindal have the best shot at seizing control of the party and I'd even give the edge to Rubio because he's Hispanic. Literally any one on the list would make an excellent VP nominee and perhaps that's why there are so many running. As crappy a job as the VP gig is, it's a quick and easy stepping stone to the Presidency later on.


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