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Friday, November 16, 2012

Patreus knew......why didn't everybody else in the Regime?

In closed-door hearings in the House today, Patreus testified that he knew "almost immediately" that Al Qaeda was involved in the Benghazi attacks, yet inexplicably UN Amb. Susan Rice was sent on five Sunday morning news shows to advance what the administration knew at the time was a lie, which was that the attacks were a spontaneous response to a stupid Youtube video.

Patreus essentially stated that his assessment was "edited" by the administration to downplay the terrorism root of the attack. Why?

In the election environment Obama needed the imaginary Arab Spring to be real and a good thing, rather than the de-evolution of Arabic civilization into radicalism and violence everywhere it took place. So the king-makers(Jarret, Plouff, Axelrod, etc) of his campaign, who basically had operational control over the administration, decided to lie to the media and the American people about what caused the attacks in order to make Obama's support of the Arab Spring appear valid and correct.

That campaign-oriented sentiment is also the reason military assistance and rapid-response was denied during the 7 hour attack that resulted in 4 American deaths. Somebody should swing for those deaths and I imagine the administration will try to throw Patreus to the wolves. I don't think he'll go down without a fight.....unless it was "suggested" to him that his full military pension would be denied unless he does take a dive for the President.

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