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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Friday, November 30, 2012

UN rewards Palestinians' terror tactics

Earlier this week the dreadful collection of despotic thugs and criminals known collectively as the United Nations rewarded the tantrum-prone Palestinian terrorists with official recognition, the first big step toward statehood. The Palestinians have never acted collectively, except when slaughtering Israeli civilians, even when Arafat was in control. There have always been factions and as such, any constructed "Palestinian Government", attempting to represent the interests of the whole, would be unable to negotiate or deal in any responsible way with other nations. This is one big reason why they are in no position to be a nation-state.

What kind of malignant organization rewards nomadic, but well-armed cowards with official recognition for killing the women and children of their neighbor, even as they continue to do it? Israel leaves the Palestinian people alone until Iran arms them and encourages them to attack Israel civilian centers for the umpteenth time. Even Obama recognizes that Israel has the right to put a stop to the rocket attacks.

No matter what we do or how much money we give, the craven criminals at the UN will always hate the US and Israel....no matter what. Yet we continue to happily fund their corruption and hatred of us.

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