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Monday, November 12, 2012

Hannity and Krauthammer argue for amnesty

In response to the shellacking Romney took from the Manchurian Moonbat, conservative choirboy Sean Hannity and guest Charles Krauthammer, establishment republicans, endorsed amnesty for the 12-20million illegal aliens, as a way of courting them to vote for republicans.

This quisling desire to be liked in order to win elections is self defeating for two reasons:

First, by granting illegals citizenship(presumably voting rights come as part of the package) without the concomitant closing of the border, republicans abandon a core principle and a new wave of illegals come storming across the border to reap the benefits of our generous food stamp nation. It would be like advocating full funding for Planned Parenthood and unlimited, no-questions-asked abortions at taxpayer expense in order to court the single, young female vote. It's a Faustian deal.

Second, 70% of Hispanics voted for Obama. What makes Hannity and Krauthammer think that if republicans only grovel a little more obsequiously before the invading welfare hordes, they'll suddenly find value in conservatism? They won't, and the democrats will never lose another election.

Charles Krauthammer explains his amnesty position here and Hannity explains his here.

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david said...

Is Krauthammer wearing a death mask? He looks like the creature form the Black Lagoon!