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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Monday, November 19, 2012

Obama improves grid in New Jersey.....just kidding, Pakistan

The spender-in-chief is offering up a $770,000 grant to do a feasibility study to determine how to best improve the power grid in New Jersey in the wake of hurricane Sandy and make it more reliable. Not an entirely bad way to spend the taxpayers' money I guess.

Just kidding, he's offering that money expropriated from American taxpayers to a cement company in Pakistan to study ways to improve the power grid there.

Pakistan hates us! Why do we give a damn if the whole country burns in fiery hell for the rest of eternity....I know I don't. Just how much money does the jerk think we have? I'm sure Ben Bernanke can just run the printing presses for a couple more hours as he's inflating the nation's currency with round three of quantitative easing early next year. I mean what's another $770,000 to a hostile Muslim country when Bernanke's printing another $600 billion for no purpose but to make Obama look good?

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