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Friday, November 30, 2012

Burger flippers demand more pay than they're worth

This is what the entitlement mentality has come to. People who're either too stupid or too lazy to get better jobs than at a fast-food joint, demand to be paid twice the minimum wage.....

From MyFoxNY -- A large group gathered outside a McDonald's on Madison and 40th St. in Manhattan demanding higher wages and the approval of a workers union. 

"They're giving us $7.25 an hour, so many of my co-workers are living on food stamps. You can't live on that in this city," a protester told Good Day NY. 

The workers who say they don't make enough to put food on the table for their families would like an increase in their hourly pay to $15.

First, the whole notion of a minimum-wage law dictated by the nanny-state is harmful to the free market where labor should be purchased at what ever price the market will bear.
Second, why is anybody attempting to support entire families on minimum wage? If you cannot afford the kids, don't have them.
Third, minimum-wage jobs exist as entry level positions for teenagers, not bread winners of entire families.

The unions would love to organize fast-food workers and coerce absurd wages from them, but there would be far fewer jobs and nobody could afford to eat fast food anymore.

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Anonymous said...


These people just want to at least be able to pay bills without having to take go to 2 jobs plus have to get food stamps. The right always bitches about the safety net that the government has. If people were paid more, they wouldn't need the safety net. Maybe you don't understand hard work because you are privileged. This is not about entitlement as you say. These people work for a living. You make it sound like $15/hr is a lot of money. What planet are you from?