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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Friday, January 20, 2012

With no sense of irony, Obama whines about the media

Though it was the media who hand-delivered Obama into the presidency by making uninformed voters feel dumb, uncool, or racist for not voting for him, Obama is whining now that his haughty, elitist image is largely media driven. And all without a shred of shame or acknowledgement of the irony.

He claims that because he doesn't attend a lot of DC-insider parties, the media think he's aloof and distant. The reason he doesn't attend their parties is because he and Michelle host fabulous DC insider parties at the White House every week.

And no doubt if they think it'll help him seem like a victim and more like the common man with whom he has no connection, they'll dutifully accept blame for misrepresenting The One to the masses. Anything to convince people to once again vote for a tragically inexperienced community organizer for President.

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