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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

GOP gives the next guy in line his turn

It looked to me last night that the establishment writing is on the wall for the GOP. It's going to be a Romney/Santorum ticket because that's what the feckless beltway media and entrenched establishment GOP want.

Both Romney and Santorum are known quantities and the media and DC republicans are comfortable with both. And by comfortable, I mean neither will rock the establishment boat too much if elected and both are mainstream republicans who can be easily manipulated and controlled by the DC elites.

So essentially if Romney/Santorum beat Obama we'll basically get another four years of Bush....nothing new, nothing game changing, nothing dramatically different about how Washington is run, just more of the same spending and lip service about low taxes, budget cuts, and of course DOMA. I'm bored already.

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