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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pit Bull body count goes up by 1

In Texas, a one year old baby boy was killed by the family Pit Bull. The boy was staying with his maternal grandparents. It was their dog.

The Pit Bull breed accounts for far more human deaths than any other breed. Pit Bull defenders use the old adage, "there are no bad dogs, only bad owners", but that's crap. These dogs were bred for killing and all it takes is time and the right trigger and your Pit Bull will kill you or your kids too.

When are you people going to learn?


david said...

Tragic! I'm not sure how I feel about pit bulls though. I don't own one, don't want to a and am leery of both the dogs and the owners. Are they really evil incarnate and incorrigible? Should there be an IQ test to own one? If a potential owner is wearing Crocs/sweatpants or has their ball cap on backwards is that a show-stopper?

Ed said...

No, I'm sure some Pits go their whole lives without killing anybody, but is it worth the risk? Not for me.

Anonymous said...

As a pit bull owner you sir are a fucking retard. Try doing your research before your 70 year old bitch ass makes stupid opinions like this. I'd love to meet you on the street someday with my pittie and show you what a REAL pit bull is like. Fucking right-wing asshat.

Anonymous said...

So i was looking at these people talk is not the pits falt its the owners falt and that kid should have never been around that dog.

Anonymous said...

your stupid opinion count goes up by one. for that sir, you are an idiot. accidents happen. no 1 year old kid should be left alone with Any animal. If a boxer or a golden retriever did it, does that make them a killing machine? nooooooo, it does not. keep your judmental, and moronic opinions to yourself. Every animal has the potential to be a good dog.

Anonymous said...

uhhh NOOOOOO!!!!!!!! i have a pit bull and she is the sweetest thing and that is a lie!! there are more deaths caused by German Shepards so y don't u bag on that breed instead!!!!
-a proud pit bull owner

Anonymous said...

I have two pits a male and a female and they are two big babies. I have a child and they wont show one sign of aggression towards him they want him to throw sticks and balls so they can go git them. We also have an Australian Shepard and he growls everytime he comes near him, a child should never be left unattended by any animal that's just stupidity. They love when ppl come up they love kids they wont git to close because they know not to. I was agianst pit bulls before I owned one. They are protective just like anyother damn dog. Try walking in someones yard with a small dog like a cocker spaniel they dont think twice about charging and wanting to bit I've walked in a yard with a pit bull in of and it just laid there after it picked its head up looked saw no threat and laid back down. Pits are not bad dogs, the people who own them train them they teach the dog what and what not to do.
A proud owner of two pits.

Anonymous said...

You don't have facts, this is just an IGNORANT uninformed opinion.

There are so few deaths and fatalities caused by pit bull or pit type dogs worldwide.

You are a sad sad twonk!

Robert Pharris said...

My dad got a pittbull when I was born on the way home from hospital. We have had her since and still have her she has only attacked one person and he was breaking into our house. She loves kids and adults she is very good with our many cats and other pittbull who has never once done harm to any other living beings? I love pittbulls and it is about how you raise them? If you raise a child to be a killer he will be a killer If you raise him to be a peacefully active family man he will most likely become that it's all about how you raise them.

Anonymous said...

I also own a pit bull. He is the sweetest most loving dog you could ever have. It's pretty sad we have uninformed morons like this taking one case and blowing it up. In the 70's it was the doberman, in the 80's it was the german sheppard, in the 90's it was the Rot, and now we are blaming the pit. When will people realize that it is the way you train any dog that determines the outcome and temperament of the animal. if you constantly beat and mistreat a dog it will lash out..wouldnt you? Fuck those idiots. they are the ones that should be put down, not a regal and gentle dog that wants nothing more than to please and love his/her owner

Anonymous said...

I am a pitbull owner and have had multiple pit bulls my WHOLE live and Im definalty still alive and have never loved anyone like these dogs. They are the sweetest dogs as long as you give them your attention, and the right attetion. Any dog can attack someone, is everyone gonna just stop buyin dogs?

Anonymous said...

HA! the statement there are only bad owners is true! pit bulls are dog that just happen to have a muscular bodies so when people like michael vick want to fight them, thats why they use them. do you really think poodles are going to be used to fight? no. Ive had pits my whole life and if you raise them in a positive, loving environment with lots of attention then you wont have problems. dont be racist to dogs, it makes you look ignorant.

Anonymous said...

more people die in the U.S from cocanuts falling out of trees than they do pitbull attacks; that sir is a fact!!!

Anonymous said...

If a person wants to own a tiger, they'll actually issue these people with a permit to own one and apparently never think twice about it but they want to put a ban on a pit bull. People have bred them to be protective and strong but when they show these qualities, they'll put them down. Another fact is that people shouldn't leave their children alone or alone with any animal. The number one problem with pits is people are ignorant/irresponsible owners and ignorant people like you who complain about violence then can't wait to shoot and kill something. So, good sir, your opinion is stupid and misinformed so I can't care and a lot of proud pitbull owners seem to agree.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so pitbulls were originally bred as nanny dogs (dogs that watch over the children). What went wrong in the breed was human ignorance and they were bred for aggression and fighting purposes. that child's death was the grandparents fault, not the dogs. what ignorant person leaves a young child that doesn't know any better with an animal of any species? Pitbulls are magnificent dogs, I own 2 of them. couch potato #1 and couch potato #2. Never have I ever owned a better dog, golden retrievers snap at more children than pits, and so do shepherds. I'm sorry but you're an thick headed, narrow minded, piece of shit asshole that needs to pierce your forehead with a bullet for making opinions on shit you're not properly educated on. wait, not sorry, my bad. anyhow, it should be a charge of 2nd or 3rd degree murder on the grandparents. they put the kids life in danger, knowingly too. they should be put out of their misery. I will never be a grandparent like this couple, what a couple of idiots!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What dog are you going to blame next? It's always some other bullshit story with people like you. You just want to piss people off & get them ranting on a fake story. You didn't even mention the fact that the dog could have be abused or raised by a different family that could have beaten the poor dog. Better yet, the dog could have been adopted & had maybe a bad history. Go find a better story to pull out of your ass.

Anonymous said...

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Jax said...

First off, many pit bull attacks are associated with non-fixed males who are only protecting their territory or owner's territory. Sometimes, depending on the owner's behavior towards the dog, they may be trained to keep all "intruders" out of their territory, whether it be another dog, a kid, an adult. Pit bulls test lower than many breeds in temperament testing, the Dachshund being the number one worst temperament breed in the U.S. No child should be left alone with ANY dog, pit bull or poodle. Any pit bull owner should be required to fix their dog, because no fixed pit bull has ever killed anyone (http://www.thelazypitbull.com/2012/02/pit-bull-facts-do-you-know-truth.html) So before anyone judges this dog, they should do research and stay away from OPINIONS like this.

Anonymous said...

You make this statement based on what? Cite your sources, asshole. Are all groups of human so easy to generalize? Are blacks thieves? Are Mexicans lazy? Are Asians good at math? Are women irrational? Do Britons have bad teeth? True dogs were bred for specific tasks, but healers actually bite far more often than pits. http://www.terrificpets.com/articles/102304665.asp
What you are falling prey to is superstition and stereotyping.
Maybe do some research. Also, always ask yourself why you believe what you do. I think you can do with some self reflection.

Anonymous said...

this guy is a fucking idiot. pits are the sweetest dogs on earth. like someone else stated earlier, they have very muscular bodies and powerful jaws, so people exploit that. they score extremely well on the temperament scale. if you treat any dog like shit, and dont properly socialize it, this stuff will happen. just when it happens with pits, they have the capabilities to do damage. hate the deed not the breed!

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Anonymous said...

"The Pit Bull breed accounts for far more human deaths than any other breed". Where did you get your facts? Did you read the report?
The CDC did a 20 year study and they did not concur with your finding. Your dogma has been refuted by the CDC, SPCA, AVMA and the Humane Society. You are entitled to your opinion, "Opinions are like assholes; everybody has one."

Military Dogs



National Geographic Dr. Brady Barr compared (PSI) bite force between German shepherds, Rottweilers and Pit Bulls and Pit Bulls have the weakest bite strength.

Dog populations (United States):

(estimation) Pit Bulls: 5,256,000

(estimation) Rottweilers: 900,000

(estimation) German Shepherds: 780,000

(estimation) Chows: 240,000

Fatal attacks by these breeds of dogs (1979-1998):

Pit Bulls: 66

Rottweilers: 39

German Shepherds: 17

Chows: 8

Divide the population by the fatal attacks, percentage based on the dogs probability of fatally attacking a human.

Pit Bulls: .00125 %

Rottweilers: .00433 %

German Shepherds: .00217%

Chow: .00333%

To help you understand, I will use Christianity and Judaism in the USA. There are more Christians than Jews, etc. So in theory you would have more churches than temples. Same logic with Pit Bulls. You have more pit bulls than chows, etc.

Ban and outlaw Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) in the United States of America on a Federal level!

Breed-Specific Legislation Is a Bad Idea

We don't support breed-specific legislation -- research shows that bans on certain types of dogs are largely ineffective and often a waste of public resources.
In 2000, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention looked at twenty years of data about dog bites and human fatalities in the United States. They found that fatal attacks represent a very small proportion of dog bite injuries to people and that it's virtually impossible to calculate bite rates for specific breeds.
The CDC also noted that the types of people who look to exploit dogs aren't deterred by breed regulations -- when their communities establish a ban, these people just seek out new, unregulated breeds. And the simple fact is that dogs of any breed can become dangerous when they're intentionally or unintentionally raised to be aggressive.
For all those reasons, the CDC officially recommends against breed-specific legislation -- which they call inappropriate. You can read more from them here.
As an alternative to breed-specific policies, the CDC recommends a community-based approach to prevent dog bites. And ultimately, we think that's a much more promising way to build stronger communities of pets and pet owners.

FYI- I once believed the hype on Pibbles. Back in the 1990's, I supported ban and euthanasia of the breed.