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Monday, January 23, 2012

Brazil humiliates Obama, sells oil to China

President Obama got exposed this week as the most incompetent, or hostile to America depending on how you view it, President in history....and that list includes Jimmy Carter.

Late last year Obama went, hat in hand, to Brazil to beg them to sell us their 38billion barrels of off-shore oil, but the catch is they must drill for it in an environmentally responsible way. Predictably, Brazil said no thanks, and signed a deal with China.

Then last week, Canada gave us every opportunity to buy their oil, but Obama said no thanks to them too. Predictably, Canada will likely sign a deal with China. Meanwhile Iran is threatening to close the Straights of Hormuz through which 17% of the world's oil flows on tankers.

All of this, yet Obama will not allow drilling for one drop of our own domestic oil, choosing instead to wasted billions of taxpayer money on solar power boondoggles, 11 of which are in bankruptcy or soon will be.

If Obama isn't hostile to America, he's the most inept, incompetent, ideology-driven moron to ever hold high office. I don't think he's a moron. I think he's doing this on purpose to punish a country he views as evil, colonialist, and corrupt, having gotten rich off the backs of slaves and by stealing wealth and resources from poor countries.

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Anonymous said...

The one to blame for Obama being in office is the people who put him there. To begin with, our constitution should not allow someone who is citizen by birth from one parent citizen by birth; both parents must be citizens by birth to avoid conflict of interest. So, this is a result of not having a constitution that accommodates to modern times. I believe that our forefathers did not envision what is happening now here in the USA but this is an example of what conflict of interest can do.