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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Obama gets betrayed by his blue-ribbon jobs council

President Obama stacked his phony-baloney jobs council with corporate donors who he rewards with favorable business policies, but even lapdogs like these guys see the disaster looming if we don't get the economy moving. So they staged a jobs-policy mutiny that is in direct opposition to Obama's stated policies....

From FoxNews -- President Barack Obama's jobs council called on Tuesday for a corporate tax overhaul, expanded domestic drilling and new regulatory reforms.

These policy suggestions sound exactly like stump speeches by GOP candidates. The question is will Obama implement these sound policies to get the economy rolling again in order to help win the election, but in doing so infuriate his big-government liberal supporters, or will he stay the course of economic ruin in order to appease the far-left radicals who control his party and make it more likely he'll lose the election?

He's already signaled that his electoral strategy will be to blame the "do-nothing" congress, specifically the obstructionist tea-party republicans, for not allowing him to get anything done, so he'll blame congress for not implementing these policies too. Let's hope he doesn't get away with it.

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