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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Al Gore warns world of peril if we continue to ignore him

Since man-made global warming has been exposed over and over as the ridiculous scam that it is, Al Gore has been able to fleece money from only the most abysmally stupid environmentalists. Because his personal wealth is dwindling, he's whining to Current TV's 9 viewers that global warming should be a presidential campaign issue and that we ignore it our peril....

From DailyCaller -- “It should be in the presidential campaign,” Gore said. “And it is not at present. Not a single question was asked about climate in any of the numerous, multitudinous debates that these candidates have had. And yet in the year 2011, the United States of America had more than 12 climate-related disasters that cost over a billion dollars.

Gore added that the future of civilization was “at risk” if the issue continues to be neglected.

Heh heh, what a moron. Al should go back to sexually assaulting hotel masseuses and sleeping with his friends' wives and leave the politics to those of us who live in reality.

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Anonymous said...

Al Gore said "If Global Warming isnt a Campaign Issue, Civilization is at Risk "

I think he meant 'If Global Warming isnt a Campaign Issue, I'm out of a job.'