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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Friday, January 20, 2012

Newt Gingrich rightly eviscerated John King and the media last night

Predictably CNN's John King began the debate last night by rubbing Newt's nose in a salacious claim made by his ex-wife Marianne in a hit-piece interview designed by ABC to harm Newt as much as possible before the SC primary vote on Saturday.....

Good for Newt!

The mainstream media template for republicans is to run as much dirt on them as possible believing that voters are too dumb not to know they are being manipulated. But voters don't rely solely on the mainstream-dinosaur media for information any more. Internet-savy voters recognize a hit piece when they see one and as a result, Newt's polling numbers have gone up, not down. Heh heh, the media hate that their influence on the American political stage is at an all-time ebb.


david said...

Wow! Finally someone grows a set and says what needs to be said.I could vote for Newt based on that exchange alone. I bet he had to have the crotch of his pants let out to make room! We need more of this.

Ed said...

I know. It's about time a conservative said what we all think and cares not that the media will despise him for it.....they already despise us.