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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Obama betrays the US again

This is the AT-6 weaponized reconnaissance aircraft designed by Hawker Beechcraft of Kansas. The Obama administration has chosen to have a similar plane built by the Brazilian company Embraer. In fact, Beechcraft is suing the US government because Embraer has links to the Iranian government and is being investigated for bribery. These two things automatically disqualify companies from receiving defense contracts. Why is Obama so in love with the Brazilians.

Earlier this year, he ceded our Gulf drilling rights to the Brazilians and funneled hundreds of millions of US tax dollars to Brazil to finance their off-shore petroleum industry while hamstringing ours for phony environmental reasons. Why? Occam's razor would suggest what we've always suspected which is that Obama is hostile to US interests and would like nothing more than to see America reduced to second-world status. If you can think of any other reason to hand out a defense contract to a foreign country when there is an American company perfectly established to deliver the same product, I'd like to hear it.

Exit question: why are we reverting to WW-II airplanes for recon missions? This looks like a refurbished Spitfire or Mustang from 1941 or something. Is it because they're cheaper than jets?

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david said...

cheaper, yes.