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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Obama shamelessly puts Jacob Lew on the government dole

This is Obama crony Jacob Lew. He was just chosen by Obama to head up the OMB. As with all Obama toadies, they are either theorists with no actual experience or they are members of the criminally entitled class. In 2009 Lew was an executive at CitiBank raking in $1.1million a year in salary, after which he received a $900,000 bonus from taxpayer bailout money.

Does Obama have no shame at all? That these bailout recipients received one penny in bonuses paid for entirely by money taken from taxpayers was the worst kind of crony corruption in my lifetime. That Obama continues to shower fabulous cash and prizes of taxpayer money on these criminals is almost as bad as the quality of the toupee this guy wears.

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