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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Monday, January 30, 2012

Solar Cycle 25 might be the death of us yet

Global warming dies a merciful, if tardy, death.

With the most recent measurements, taken from 30,000 stations around Earth, showing that not only has the Earth not warmed in the last 11 years, we are entering into a solar cycle so inactive that it might be categorized as a mini-ice age.

In the graph above, look to the far right at solar cycle 25. It is predicted to be the lowest energy cycle in millenia.

Can we finally, once and for all, put mercifully to rest the absurd hoax of man-made global warming. It never was about the Earth or pollution or conservation. It's always been about micro-management and control of human activities through insidious and capricious lies.

If these predictions are correct, millions of humans will perish from the cold and loss of farmable land. Then what will the smelly-hippie environmentalists whine about? They'll be telling us to pump out more, not less, CO2 in order to save some animal species they'll tell is in peril due to the weather.

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