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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Iowa's overblown electoral importance

First of all, happy new year to everybody. Now down to business.....

Just because Iowans selfishly insist on being the first primary every presidential election year, why does that make it so important? Iowa is pretty much ignored by the rest of the nation except for two months during a presidential election year. For some reason the media, and therefor the rest of the country, put a huge amount of importance on the outcome. Making or breaking a presidential campaign in a state with a human population density similar to the Serengeti seems a tad absurd, but that's just me.

Even Iowans admit that the more a candidate pays attention to them and the more advertising he does, the more likely he is to get their vote. So it's not really about policy to Iowans, it's more about stroking their massive egos like attention spoiled toddlers.

For that matter, why do we care about New Hampshire? It's a tiny non-representative state filled with weirdos, just like Iowa. I think we put way too much importance on these two petulant states' primaries.

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