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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Iran won't be as easy as Iraq and Afghanistan

By stationing 15,000 combat troops in Kuwait today, the US is sending a clear message to Tehran that we are prepared for a full-on invasion and occupation of that country if that's what they want by not abandoning their nuclear weapons program.

Is this really what we want? Another protracted engagement and occupation, and this time against a well funded, well equipped, and well trained military force in Iran? I don't think they'll roll over and within days become a tattered insurgent resistance the way Iraq's army did. They're going to fight back and a lot of our guys will get killed, as will a lot of theirs.

My hope is that this is just posturing to scare Achmadinnerjacket into giving up his nuclear ambitions, but somehow I think the decision has already been made in a small, dark room in the Pentagon to attack Iran at some point. Perhaps after 9 years of middle-east war, it's become a way of life for Pentagon officials and DOD weapons contractors. And now that Iraq is essentially over and Afghanistan is winding down....at least according to Obama, they need another target. I hate to be so cynical about our military because I was in the military for 16 years, but we sure seem eager to engage Iran.


Isaac A. Nussbaum said...

I'm curious, Ed. Why is it that you so often use high school pejoratives (such as "Achmadinnerjacket") in reference to your betters?

Ed said...

"My betters"....hahahahaha. Good one Isaac.

I do it because I want to insult him for his scary radicalism and choice of attire, but also because I'm immature like that and it gives me pleasure.