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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Obama's Watergate scandal?

Could this be the scandal that finally exposes the Obama administration for the corrupt thugs they are?

I have no doubt that a job of some sort was offered to Sestak. What I don't understand is why the administration wanted a sack of crap like Specter to win so badly that they would risk committing a crime to give him better chances in a primary.

If this was a Bush administration move, the media would already be calling for impeachment and democrats would have already scheduled hearings, a special prosecutor, and articles of impeachment would have been prepared already. But this is Obama. The media have a vested, personal interest in insulating him from any thuggery committed by his staff. Unless there is an undeniable smoking gun, the media will deep-six this story at the first opportunity. They can't have their personal lord and savior tarnished....he hasn't finished remaking the country into a socialist hell-hole, which is something they all fantasize about.

That said, I hope talk radio, Fox News, and we bloggers continue to give the story legs by keeping it front and center until we know the truth.

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