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Sunday, May 30, 2010

4.0 GPA in Philosophy = $6.25/hour at McDonald's

It's graduation time again. Time to reflect on 4 years of hard work and preparation for life. Or if you got a philosophy degree, it's time for you to wonder where your life took such a wrong turn and time for your parents to prepare your bedroom for you to move back into.....

Purdue University alumnus Nick Enlow listed his 2008 diploma on eBay (EBAY) this week with a starting bid of $36,000. Enlow has said that his philosophy degree has not given him the means to earn enough income to cover his $470 per month obligations to Sallie Mae.

The dean of Purdue's College of Liberal Arts, Irwin Weiser, suggested these dubious uses for a liberal arts degree....

".....However, studying any of the disciplines in the arts, humanities, or social sciences prepares students to be successful because they learn to think creatively, critically and ethically, and to communicate what they think effectively.....and that'll come in handy making change for happy meals at McDonald's."

Ok, I made that last part up but he may as well have said it. We were all thinking it. Philosophy? What is a dumb 18year old kid thinking dropping 36large to major in Philosophy? Are there paying jobs where you sit at a desk and philosophize? Unless you major in something that rewards you with a marketable skill, you and your parents are better off with you going to a two year Tech. school.


Bill Lockhart said...

The only non-menial jobs I can think of are teach or write self -help books. Otherwise they need to go to grad school or go to undergrad and get a real degree in business or psychology or social work or business. Or go to VA tech and become a cosmetologist where they pholosophise with their clients as they cut hair--oh wait--they would also be the perfect bartender!!
But seriously, did they even think about whet they would do with such a degree before they spent 4 years on it? If they REALLY, REALLY liked it--minor in it while getting a real degree--sheesh.

David said...

Few can subsist on a degree alone. Imagination, perseverence, and hard work play equally important roles. As we continue to raise a nation of wussies with the dulling of society via policital correctness, e.g., participation trophies for all in lieu of ONE trophy for the BEST, we will continue to produce the weak, the lazy, with no ability to be self-sufficient.

It reminds me of the people in the movie "Wall-e". They had been reduced to fat (we are close), lazy (on the way again) people incapable of even getting out of their chairs (witness the proliferation of the Scooter in the U.S.) I am embarrased by all the fat, tattoed, pierced, mouth-breathers I see everyday. And more often than not they have a LARGE (24+ oz.) soft drink in one hand and a cigarette in the other. Not only is this sickening and it a LARGE THREAT to our Nationla Security. Okay, there it is, I said it. I know I sound like Mel Gibson in "Conspiracy Theory" but name one good thing that come from a fat, lazy, dumb citizenry?

If you don't believe me about the scooters, just visit Disney. While there a few weeks ago (and I love the place) I felt compelled to fill out a survey card suggesting they install roundabouts in the park to handle the traffic. But alas, I forget most Americans have been trained to be stupid behind the wheel (or on wheels) and could not successfully navigate the traffic circle. ENTER THE TRAFFIC SIGNAL. Look around, the signs are everywhere. Pun intended!

Ed said...

My kid Michael had little interest in participation trophies. He wanted to win....as do all kids. To deny them the experience of winning, and more importantly losing, does them a great disservice.

Anonymous said...

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