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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The Goreacle expands his already huge carbon footprint

Al and Tipper Gore have announced the hypocritical purchase of their fourth, I said fourth, luxury home in California. *crickets chirping*

That's right, the media will dutifully ignore the gross hypocrisy of the Gores as they continue to lecture the rest of us about greening our light bulbs, cars, toilets, and tampons. Our putative overlords would have us live as quaint, third-world peasants, huddled in depressing, Soviet-style collectives, nibbling on organic carrots and drinking our own urine while they conspicuously consume vast amounts of resources, the access to which we are denied.

Hat tip to Michelle Malkin

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Bill Lockhart said...

If Global Warming were real, wouldn't he be living in a stone hut (not wood-don't sacrifice a tree) , composting his own feces and leftovers to grow his food in his organic garden, eating vegetarian, beacause animals breathe out CO2 and fart methane. Now that would be a way a REAL climtard would live.