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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bear pays for man's stupidity

This is absolutely outrageous!

GATLINBURG - A black bear bit a man on the foot this week in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park when the man got too close trying to take a photo, authorities said.

The man, whose name wasn't immediately available, let the bear get within inches of him Wednesday while hiking the Laurel Falls Trail, park spokeswoman Nancy Gray said. He didn't need treatment.

Park rangers believe they've caught the bear, a 60-pound female captured Thursday, Gray said. They'll kill it once they confirm it's the same one.

Apparently there's an automatic death sentence for any wild animal that harms a human. I generally agree with that when the animal comes into neighborhoods and slaughters pets and attacks people but, why should this bear be killed when an idiot tourist goes up into the woods and intentionally gets too close to get a stupid picture?

They should let the bear go with a warning and shoot the tourist for being a moron.


Bill Lockhart said...

I should think that someone that enters a place where wild animals live get what they paid for. No one made him go in the park. And the bear was likely being harrassed. Why isn't there a way to screen out the morons? And the morons who wants to kill the bear.

Ed said...

Billy, I defer to Occam's razor to find the solution to the screening process of human encroachment into wildlife. Seems to me, when a human ventures into the wild and gets eaten by a bear, that IS the self-screening process. As for the morons who want to destroy the bear, we should just pass a law restricting the circumstances under which a wild animal can be destroyed.