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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Go Ahead " Make My Day"

Posted by Reid:

When will the lawsuits begin? I can already see the beginning of the line of lawyers lining up to resolve this "Gross and negligent use of force"! I assume that the picture shown here is depicting the soon-to-be new owner of the Phillies and a soon-to-be homeless man (the police officer).
What a gross miscarriage of justice this will be! Inevitable, but still way out of whack!
Now lets look at the situation. I will throw in a few comments here and there.

The teenager, using poor judgement, leaps the wall and parades around the outfield disrupting the ball game. Bad choice on his part, and he deserves the trespassing charge and the disorderly conduct charge. However I am not sure that the use of the taser was warranted. After watching the video a number of times it is apparent that none of the athletes were in danger from this boy. He was on the field less than 1 minute before the shot. He had eluded the security folks, but it appeared they were closing in. It did make for great video footage as he nose dived to a stop in the outfield grass. I wonder if this boy could have been detained in a short time frame without him being tased?
My next issue revolves around the use of Philadelphia police on the field. Why are they there. Shouldn't they be doing regular/normal police work at the stadium, leaving the game surface to hired security and stadium personnel? I attend many college and professional sporting events and have recently noticed the plethora of safety yellow clad security folks throughout the various venues. Where were these folks when this happened? I know that the police chief is questioning this use of his people and should the equipment have been used. I am with him in his questioning.
I also read today where a man was back on the field last night and was detained and booked without being tased. Where is the fairness there? What did the teenager do that the man didn't? I am just asking.....
These 2 folks are wrong and should be punished. They should go to jail. However I do not feel it is fair to the taxpayers for this kid to make the cash he will undoubtedly make from the soon to be filed frivolous lawsuit(s). I assume he will sue the police for excessive force (see the man the next night); he will sue the Phillies for not properly restraining him and will sue the individual police office for some ludicrous charge like racism or something. Oh well here we go!!

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Ed said...

I agree about a waste of public resources...unless these cops are off-duty and are being paid to provide private security. I also agree that this doesn't happen enough to warrant a tasering of the dude. He'll have to prove some damages to get any money....hopefullyl he'll have to prove damages.