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Monday, May 17, 2010

Justice on the high seas

I predicted this almost a year ago....

From Matadorpulse -- In a brilliant–if deeply disturbing–stroke of entrepreneurial genius, Russian luxury yachts have begun to advertise adventure cruises where passengers pony up almost $6,000 USD per day to cruise from Djibouti to Mombasa in search of pirates.

The yachts trawl at a deliberately slow speed, hoping to attract pirates. If attacked, the cruise passengers are ready to respond with heavy machinery: machine guns and grenade and rocket launchers. And if they want to tack on an extra $8.00 a day, passengers can hoist their very own AK-47. Ammo, though, costs an extra $11.50.

You gotta love the Ruskies' brutal, no-BS attitude toward lawlessness. I would totally sign on for one of these adventures....if I could afford it.

Predictably, bed-wetting humanitarians are whining that it's "paying to commit murder" and other such nonsense. How is it murder when nobody is forcing the pirates to come way out into the ocean and attack the boat with deadly force? Besides, some people just need killing and pirates probably fit the bill if anybody does.

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Bill Lockhart said...

Do you have the web address where I can sign up? And what is the minimum age so I can bring all my kids too.