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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Monday, May 03, 2010

Elanor Clift is a silly dingbat

Privileged liberals like pundit and journalist Elanor Clift think illegal Mexican immigration is just peachy because apparently she loves tacos and burritos...

From Moonbattery -- "It's a happy invasion for most people in this country," Clift proclaimed. "[W]e love the diversity of food."

For liberals like Elanor, trading violent home invasions, kidnappings, MS-13 gang slayings, drug-related crime, depressed wages and property values, and bankrupt hospitals, emergency rooms, and social services, for inexpensive, tasty Tex-Mex food is perfectly reasonable. It's reasonable as long as all these horrible things befall others and don't encroach into her insulated, upper-crust life of wealth and privilege.

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