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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

J.Mac's shameless pander

This is just embarrassing....

One of the main reasons John McCain is in trouble is his position on illegal immigration. He routinely sides with the amnesty crowd and has refused to take a lead in demanding that the border fence be completed.....until now. It just happens that illegal immigration is front and center in the upcoming November elections and McCain is in the fight for his political life against challenger J.D. Hayworth...a closed-borders-now guy. Because he wants to keep his cush job, McCain is pandering in direct opposition to his previous positions on illegal aliens. I'm guessing that particular irony is entirely lost on him.

Sorry J.Mac, the time of the old-guard republican careerist is over. We want new truly conservative blood to represent us and guys like you and Lindsay Graham, Bob Bennet and others have outlived your usefulness.

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David said...

I just vomited. Really? "One of us"? beyond disengenuous...criminal