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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Friday, May 28, 2010

The Sestak conspiracy revealed

The white house will release a statement via the Friday news dump explaining, unconvincingly, how it was none other than Bill Clinton that offered Joe Sestak a lucrative administration job in exchange for not kicking the crap out of the world's biggest turd, Arlen Specter, in the Penn. primary. If it happened like that, then it's a felony crime and somebody should be going to jail.

The disgracefully obedient media are already preparing stories about how if Bill Clinton did it, then it's OK because he's not part of the administration. Never mind that that he did it at the behest of Rahm Emanuel, who would have done nothing without the approval of Obama. This makes me wonder what was promised to Clinton to get him to take the fall here. Was Hillary promised the erasure of her still outstanding campaign debt in the millions?

The democrats will circle the wagons here and no special, independent prosecutor will be empaneled but if the public outrage swells and the media finally awake from their Obama-pixie-dust induced slumber, an official investigation could be unavoidable.

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Bill said...

When you need somebody to perjure themselves, why not go with the best?