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Monday, May 24, 2010

Fergie corruption FAIL

When you are selling access to power for personal gain, rule number one is check for hidden cameras. But then the British royal family isn't exactly known for their brains. Some blame inbreeding, but the people who marry into the family don't have that excuse for stupid behavior...

Britain's Duchess of York has apologised for a "serious lapse in judgment" after she was caught in a newspaper sting apparently offering access to ex-husband Prince Andrew in exchange for cash.

Sarah Ferguson also admitted Sunday having financial problems after she appeared to agree to be paid 500,000 pounds by a journalist posing as a businessman, in a video that was secretly filmed by the News of the World.

Is it me, or does this have a distinct OJ feel to it? I mean besides the blood, partially decapitated bodies, and car chases? OJ had to sell his sports awards as the only things of value just as Fergie is selling her only thing of value, access to a member of the royal family. Sad really. Fergie failing to measure up to the precedent set by Diana is like Wynona Judd not measuring up to the success of Ashley.

I've never been a big fan of the British royals. It seems like a huge economic drain for very little national return but, people are obsessed with them and their zany antics so who am I to criticize? Still, you'd think that one would be able to parlay being the Dutchess of York into some sort of living after a divorce.

UPDATE: Did you know that Fergie's divorce settlement from Andrew awarded in her receiving only $22,000 a year? If the royal family doesn't want to be embarrassed like this, I suggest they support her in some reasonable manner....after all, she is rearing Andrew's daughters who are royal themselves. Now, I sort of don't blame her for playing whatever card she has. I had no idea she had been treated so shabily by them.

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