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Saturday, May 22, 2010

SEIU mob terrorizes teen boy in his own home

A caravan of buses loaded with 500 SEIU rent-a-thugs took a field trip to Maryland to protest outside the private residence of an attorney for Bank of America. Little did the rabble-rousing goons know, the only person home to intimidate was the man's teenage son....who was scared to death.

Since when is it lawful to camp out on a private citizen's lawn? And why did the DC police department escort the buses out to Maryland? I putting my money on union solidarity.

If it was my house, I'd turn on the sprinklers and squirt the lawn down with the hose. I mean how else to rid your property of riff-raff? And if that didn't work, a couple of well-placed M-80's would probably do the trick.

Remember, nobody has visited President Obama more than SEIU representatives. Now that ACORN is rightfully out of business, SEIU is Obama's number-one organization. I'm sure Barry had little if anything to say about his MOB of thugs terrorizing a teenager in his own home.


Bill said...

Powerline blog has a very good follow-up on this and the reporting that Nina Easton did (her neighbor was the target). It seems the thugs had an escort of DC Police (in Maryland!) who were there to protect the SEIU thugs!

ed said...

I tell you what, if they showed up on my lawn and terrorized my kid, they'd need some police protection. Unions....I swear!