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Friday, May 28, 2010

Charles Krauthammer hits another one out of the park

Charles Krauthammer, one of my favorite columnists and FoxNews contributor, has an excellent piece in Townhall about the BP oil spill and why we are drilling in mile-deep water to begin with.

He makes the obvious point that smelly environmentalists have pushed the domestic petroleum industry off the mainland for the most part, so that there's no choice but to drill in deep water, inviting a disaster like this one. The eco-warriors would rather protect the habitat of a stupid, microscopic tadpole than allow an oil company to provide petroleum for uses that keep the US industrially competitive and provide jobs for thousands.

Why not allow drilling in ANWR, which is a God-forsaken wasteland, and habitat to nothing but a few clueless caribou and giant, blood-sucking botflies? That way if there's any oil spillage, they grab a couple of locals with shovels and plug the leak in like 10 minutes.

As predicted, Obama is using this crisis to seize the US petroleum by the throat and throttle it. He's signed an executive order halting all off-shore drilling operations and, AND exploration, and is already using this one-time spill as reason to pass his absurd cap-and-trade scheme which will effectively finish off the US economy...the goal of this administration all along. Essentially with one stroke of his pen, he's stopped the domestic production of petroleum in it's tracks. The industry lay-offs will be massive. And after China drills for our oil just off our coastlines, they'll sell it back to us at ten times the price...laughing at our stupidity as they do it.

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Bill said...

And if the Chicoms blow out a Cuban well in the Gulf, the oil will be on our beach just as much as if evil BP did it. Same with Mexico, Venezuela, etc. We're the only idiots that have stopped even exploring.